In order to make a Reservation, we ask that you first call or e-mail us to make certain we still have vacancy for the time you wish to occupy one of our condo units/home. Once this is done, we will need a Security Deposit in order to hold the reservation for you. 

There is a $150.00 Security deposit on 1-2 bedroom condos, and a $300.00 Security deposit on our 3-bedroom home.This deposit is fully refundable, and will be credited to your credit card or check sent to you (if paid by check) within 10-15 days after your departure time.


We accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover cards as well as personal checks.

However, due to continued increases from the credit card industry, we must now charge 3% on all credit card transactions over $1500.00

Full payment is due 30 days prior to arrival time, where we then send you all papers by e-mail such as: payment invoice>also shows combination to lock box keys, pass to show at Guardhouse upon entrance, directions to Ventura Country Club and the unit rented.

We can be reached anytime as follows:

  Home/Office: 508-763-2291

Cell: 508-763-2233

FAX: 508-960-0005